Friday, March 30, 2012

Power Tools

Power Tools

For power, performance, and value for money, it is hard to beat our range of electric power tools. Boasting powerful motors, our electric scroll saws, angle drills, angle grinders, band saws and air compressors deliver a level of performance that just cannot be matched by their cordless counterparts. And they are more affordable too!

At, we have an extensive range of electric power tools. Made by the leading tools manufacturers, our electric power tools are fully guaranteed and are available at amazingly low prices.

  • Scroll Saws - When you need to cut and curved lines and intricate joints quickly, a scroll saw gives you the precision you need. Simply fit an appropriate scroll saw blade and you can make delicate cuts in thin wood and other thin materials.

  • Angle Drills - Designed for drilling holes in confined or difficult-to-reach areas, our electric angle drills have the extra power to drill through harder materials. While a cordless angle drill may give you more freedom of movement, it doesn't pack the punch of an electric angle drill.

  • Angle Grinders - The high power, high performance motors in our electric angle grinders has to be seen to be believed. They will make light work of heavy duty grinding and cutting jobs and certainly pack more punch than cordless angle grinders.

  • Band Saws - Durable and versatile, our band saws are the ideal cutting tools for professional and amateur workshops alike. Fit the appropriate blade and you can use our band saws to cut through soft woods, hard woods, metals, pipes and even glass!

  • Air Compressors - We have some of the best electric air compressors on the market available at extremely low prices. Whether you are looking for an air compressor for inflating tyres, paint-spraying, or high-pressure stapling, we have the ideal air compressor for you.

    But before you buy our electric power tools, please consider the area in which you will be working. If you need to use scroll saws, angle drills, angle grinders, or air compressors in confined spaces or at height, it may be safer to buy from our range of cordless power tools. (Obviously, this is not an issue with band saws).